Promoting Wellness - Therapeutically-oriented Yoga
"After working for over 30 years in a stressful job, I found at times I was not able to take a deep breath.  Between retiring and taking Viniyoga classes with Johanna, I find now at night, when I lay down, I can breathe deeply without feeling like I'm going to choke.  It is so relaxing."
                                                 Nancy Barnes, Princeton, IA
"My job requires vigorous physical fitness standards. After suffering a chronic low back condition and difficulty with flexibility, yoga was recommended by my trainer in order to target and strengthen my problem areas without causing more harm. Johanna's sessions were exactly the coaching needed. She tailored the yoga for my ability and needs, and provided me several postures and techniques to help with my therapy. After her sessions I have been more relaxed, more capable in my job, and, when regularly practicing yoga, I do not experience the daily pain."
                                            Eric Duckworth, Bettendorf, IA
Johanna’s yoga class for those with fibromyalgia and chronic pain has been a health benefit to me in many ways.  My knee pain lessened noticeably after about six weeks.  Now after six months of strengthening my leg muscles I have even less knee pain and better balance.  At my last doctor’s appointment my blood pressure and blood sugar were both improved and I had lost 12 pounds.  I also receive a mental lift from yoga practice.
                                            Elaine Rice, Bettendorf, IA
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